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Pandora's Ascension latest news: September Updates Thread!
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Come in here and read all the important news here!
Subforums: Plot Events

11 17 Sep 17 2017, 08:31 AM
In: September Updates Thread!
By: Inquisitor Mako
Feedback and Questions
This is now a guest friendly forum. You may post your questions about the RP in here!
5 13 Sep 14 2017, 07:06 PM
In: Is Pandora coming back
By: Inquisitor Mako
Pandora Library
Here you'll find articles about the history and lore behind the world of Vaenice and Pandora's Ascension.
Subforums: Nations, Races, Magic & Psionics, General Lore, Crews and Factions, Pandora Art Exhibit

38 13 Sep 27 2017, 02:16 PM
In: PA Design Project 2: Jäger
By: Wil Grieve

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Lists and Claims
Once you are approved, you can have your character added to the list and make your (optional) face claims here!
3 8 Aug 13 2016, 08:49 AM
In: The Characters List
By: Inquisitor Mako
Pending Profiles
If you are creating your character profile, please post them here first for validating!
1 9 Nov 20 2017, 09:45 PM
In: Profile Notification Thread
By: Inquisitor Mako
Accepted Profiles
Here you'll find all of the accepted profiles!
Subforums: Arcadian, Exionan, Hanshinan, Luxarian, Tritonian, NPCs, Adoptables

49 11 Nov 20 2017, 05:05 PM
In: Aiko Tokido
By: Aiko Tokido
Plotting and Wanted Ads
If you want to keep track of your character plots and request stories or characters for your plots, do so here!
Subforums: Wanted Ads, Plot Threads, Thread Trackers

10 16 Sep 29 2016, 07:23 PM
In: Wither's Wicked Beasts
By: ChHavi Kanika Dubashi
RP Discussions
Any RP talk can go in here.
12 47 Sep 29 2016, 10:57 AM
In: Pandora's Ascension Sou...
By: Wil Grieve

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West Arcadia
Many attempts have been made to unify the free states of Arcadia into one body, but with conflicting cultures making up the majority of the landmass, no attempt has been successful. Claims have been staked by each of the major nations, including the nation of Exiona which shares the landmass with the free states. Arcadia is a cultural melting pot, mixing elements of Hanshinan, Luxarian, Tritonian and Exionan society together while still maintaining the autonomy of its own local governments. Because there is no unified government, the region is rife with conflict, but the population continues to grow as immigrants move in, seeking the complete freedom and cultural uniqueness of this frontier region.
Subforums: Durham, Eglin Woods, Volk

4 19 Sep 27 2016, 12:16 AM
In: A Desperate Plea
By: Cecil Eustis
The Great Makabera Plains
The Great Makabera Plains makes up a third of Arcadia, stretching down from the northeast coast. It is a fertile land, where herds of animals roam freely. Most of Arcadia's cities settle along the coast or along the Makabera River.
Subforums: Novelle, Arcadiana Canyon, Vereece

1 18 Aug 29 2015, 04:33 AM
In: Siren's Den [Mako][six ...
By: Slyvie
South Arcadia
Arcadia's southern regions are filled with swamps, jungles, and deserts. Most of the cities settle along the coast, with the four major cities situated outside of the Misty Bay.
Subforums: Guent, Ackbar

8 58 Sep 27 2016, 03:51 PM
In: Lack A Daisy?
By: Estaluna

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Far in the northwest corner of Vaenice is the land of Exiona, the technological hub whose automation and machinery is matched only by its level of pollution. The capital city, Rechvald, provides travelers and citizens alike much needed shelter and protection from the smog; that is, if they aren't killed by toxic waste or melted in a freak acid rain in the process. Still, most of the world’s technologies originate in the halls of Exionan factories and laboratories; the university at Ainbrach is widely regarded as Vaenice’s intellectual Petri dish. A shady government maintains minimal rule over the nation as a whole, but not many Exionans know exactly who, save for a select few public faces, the government is, or what purpose they serve in this increasingly corporate nation.
Subforums: Lake Karkholm

1 14 Oct 10 2015, 10:59 PM
In: The Baby Face Bandits
By: Lionel Sterling
Located in the middle of Exiona's bay area, Rechvald is well-known worldwide for being Vaenice's first and largest clockwork city. The entire city is run by an underground network of gigantic gears, which automate many of the city's functions, like public transit and trash disposal. This leaves the population with a high supply of lush, well-paying jobs, but little room for those without the means to obtain one. Arguably the industry capital of the world, Rechvald is heavily polluted, leading to a large population of unsavory creatures in the sewers below...
Subforums: The Staltlich

7 16 Jul 12 2017, 06:57 AM
In: The Caveat
By: Jäger Schenkkan

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The great island of Hanshina sits in the far northeast corner of Vaenice. It is a region dominated by the cold climate, where summers are cool and short while winters are long and harsh. Still, Hanshina is united under the emperor, who is seen as a divine being that was descended from their gods. Known for their emphasis on honor, family, and tradition, the Hanshinans have carved out their place in the chilly far north.
Subforums: Mt. Shijin, Mt. Dashi, Rokka Forest, Lake Kanae

2 2 Aug 14 2016, 03:19 PM
In: Cold Summer Nights
By: Rei Ayanokoji
The capital city of Kyojen is perhaps best known for its bustling trade activity due to it being the closest city to the main port. In addition to the many merchants prowling around the city, Kyojen is also home to the Jisha hot springs and their somewhat-world-famous Kishin opera theatre. Nowhere else in Hanshina would you find a city with a more active nightlife, as in the eastern part of town, you'll find the well-frequented red-light district...
2 1 Aug 14 2016, 10:29 AM
In: Dark Mists
By: Rei Ayanokoji

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To the Vaenician east lies Luxaria, a desert nation rich in precious auria-rich jewels that provide the backbone for a burgeoning economy. Its hot climate, clear air, and gorgeous oases lure many sailors of both sea and sky to its thriving port cities, but closer to the center of the nation, overcrowding has become an issue of major social importance, and wealthy neighborhoods become slums in a week’s time. Their culture fosters uniqueness and creativity, ranging from their steam-powered flying carpets to their vicious armored war elephants. Despite the small size of their standing army, do not be fooled; for it is in Aribus, under the sweltering heat of the sun, that the greatest of psions are born.
Subforums: Myrioda Desert, Luxarian Savannah, Al-Assi

2 0 Sep 2 2015, 11:43 PM
In: Burying the Dead
By: Nazeer al Jaeharis
A paradise away from the endless deserts of Myrioda, Aribus is the biggest hub of activity in this country. Both its paved and sandy roads are lined with outdoor markets and palm trees. In the center of the capital, the Mythril Tower stands regally as the government center. Although most of the city life is nocturnal, the city is still rather busy during the day. It is not all that glamorous, however; overcrowding has caused a huge decrease in land value, and a huge increase in the homeless.
Subforums: The Mythril Tower, The Psionic Academy

14 115 Sep 26 2017, 03:14 PM
In: [DI] Double Down
By: Rhea al-Aveid

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A mountainous island fortress surrounded by wild tides and perilous terrain, Tritonia is, like its people, a sight to behold. It is home to some of the fiercest warriors the world of Vaenice has seen. Like ancient Greeks, the Tritonians favor themselves philosophers and intellectuals, but place their pride on physical prowess. Their cities appear as marble marvels on a picturesque landscape, dotted with bright colors and the shadows of da Vinci-esque flying machines.
Subforums: Cynisca Sierras, Innes

4 25 Oct 17 2017, 07:38 PM
In: To Be a Soldier
By: Reynard Kleinmoor
The capital city Helanne is a legendary wonder by itself, consisting of two levels. Supported by hundreds of grand pillars made of celestial stone, a smaller city overlooks the rest of Helanne hundreds of feet in the sky. It is a city of majestic, towering pillars which shine a brilliant white, as well as numerous temples worshiping Tritonia's sacred creatures. At the city's pinnacle is the palace of the royal family, The Celestia. If you fancy any entertainment, look no further than the Colosseum in the outskirts of the city, where gladiators battle with each other to the death.

Subforums: The Celestia, The Colosseum

16 107 Sep 24 2017, 11:55 PM
In: Dead or Dying
By: Cordelia Katsaros

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The Seas of Vaenice
The oceans of Vaenice hold many mysteries and wonders that have yet to have been discovered by explorers venturing out into the open blue. To some, the ocean is a home; to others, it is a cesspool of piracy and death. There are also many parts of the world where even the bravest sailors and sea captains dare not steer their vessels, for they are one way tickets to certain death.
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In: ----
The Skies of Vaenice
The Vaenician skies are pocketed with puffy white clouds, strange long-necked birds, and the silhouettes of airships. Just like the seas, deadly pirates roam the skies of Vaenice, and heroic vigilantes turn their tactics around on them to purge them. Each region of the sky is different; the skies above Exiona are toxic, for example, while those above Hanshina are freezing cold, with much turbulence.
Subforums: The Dauntless - Airship Refuel Depot

3 27 Sep 8 2016, 10:19 AM
In: The Woman on the Wind
By: Jäger Schenkkan

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Social Discussions
Come in here and talk about any non-RP related topics.
Subforums: Media Discussions, Technology & Gaming, Other, Forum Games

10 46 Nov 26 2017, 02:30 PM
In: What Music Are You Listenin...
By: Jam
Ads & Affiliates
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541 7 May 27 2018, 07:34 PM
In: Fortify - Young Justice &am...
By: Miss Red

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